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Welcome to mitotera

Mitotera is that joyful person, boisterous, friend of the amusements of life. Mitotera is mind, body and soul. We believe in the Art of Mexico and in the happiness of people. We also believe in the objects and products made by the people, for the people. Works of art with mind, body and soul.


The mind is the concept, the essential spirit of each piece, arising from the dream and the sensibility of a craftsman who seeks to find a form for the spirit to reside. A body that is geographically sensitive, a map of sensations that engages and speaks with the senses, where touch, sound, aroma and look speak in voices of harmony, the song of all beautiful things. A song that touches the soul and communicates to the people, from whom creates to whom enjoys, an energy that connects us and celebrates our humanity.

Our goal is to provide the best personalized, useful and everlasting hand crafted souvenirs, gifts and give aways made by mexican artisans, one by one to meet the highest quality.

We use a variety of techniques such as hand painting, hand engraving, embroidery craft, screen printing and laser engraving. We invite you to surf our collections and choose the products that best suit your event, add them to the shopping cart, submit your order, paypal the bill and upload your logo (if you don’t have a wedding logo, we’ll use the information on the order sheet to make one for the personalization); your order will arrive a few days prior to the event, at the location mentioned on the registration data you fill when you're creating your user through the invitation link sent by the agent. If you arrived to the portal without an agent, we'll appoint you one in your region and if there is none available, we'll directly send you a link to register and buy.